5 thoughts on “American Law

  1. oh I am ok. I retired. How are YOU? are you teaching somewhere? my grandson went thru Prep so I guess in the long run it was all worth it because we never KNEW about this charming little school before I went there to give a talk. I have NO IDEA what program we are on or anything I am a computer dunce. What is Word Press?

  2. water rights is GOOD. i sorta retired and sorta got warehoused because of my health. which continued to deteriorate altho oddly now I’m a lot better. I will always wonder if STRESS played a role. I did a project with a guy at Bosque Eric someone and then over the summer he left so the project was a bust!! cannot recall his last name. Are you married to Beth? i can’t recall her name is it beth? my mind still works for TRIVIAL crap.. is this an email or a site or what? my email is modawgpalmer@mac.com i’d rather use that this confuses the elderly……ha ha

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